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I.S.S explores the hypothetical scenario of the ISS becoming a battleground as Earth faces nuclear obliteration.

  • Arriving In US Theaters on January 19th, 2024
  • Premiered on June 12th, 2023 at the Tribeca Film Festival
Zac Aubert

Zac Aubert

Thu Dec 07 2023Written by Zac Aubert

The International Space Station (ISS), a symbol of international collaboration and scientific exploration since its inception and is set to take center stage in a new sci-fi film titled "I.S.S." by Bleecker Street.

I.S.S explores the hypothetical scenario of the ISS becoming a battleground as Earth faces nuclear obliteration.

The movie, which had its premiere on June 12th, 2023 at the Tribeca Film Festival, is set to arrive into theater in the US on January 19th, 2024.

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, known for her work on "Blackfish," and featuring Academy Award-winning actress Ariana DeBose from "West Side Story," "I.S.S." delves into a tense narrative where American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts find themselves in a struggle for control of the orbital in the wake of global conflict. 

Drawing parallels to past sci-fi narratives such as Peter Hyams' "2010: The Year We Make Contact," where American and Russian astronauts had to navigate political tensions in space, "I.S.S." brings a unique perspective to the genre. The plot unfolds as the space station transforms into a claustrophobic combat zone, with the characters forced to take sides for their respective countries.

While the realism of bursting atom bombs from the vantage point of the ISS might be questioned, the filmmakers emphasize that "I.S.S." is a work of fiction designed for entertainment. The movie invites audiences to suspend disbelief and enjoy the thrilling narrative crafted by Cowperthwaite and her team.

"I.S.S." promises to offer viewers a gripping experience, combining elements of science fiction, global tensions, and suspense.

As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for this unique take on space-based drama, set against the backdrop of a hypothetical world on the brink of destruction.

"I.S.S." is set to hit theaters on January 19, 2024.   Watch the I.S.S Official Trailer 

Official synopsis:

"Tensions flare in the near future aboard the International Space Station as a worldwide conflict breaks out on Earth. Reeling from this, the astronauts receive orders from the ground: take control of the station by any means necessary. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, working with Nick Shafir's Blacklist script, brings together a stellar cast that includes Academy Award winner Ariana DeBose, Chris Messina, Pilou Asbaek, John Gallagher Jr., Costa Ronin, and Masha Mashkova, in a high-stakes thriller set entirely in the confines of the ISS as astronauts are called to duty in fateful and terrifying ways."