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The Launch Pad Network's mission is to inform and inspire the explorers of tomorrow, because we believe that space is better together. We strive to break down the complexity of space exploration and make it easy to understand and accessible for everyone.



Zac Aubert

Founder, Network Director, Host

Zac Aubert started The Launch Pad in January 2021 as part of a passion project of sharing space related news with friends and family. Zac would create weekly updates, soon getting the attention of more than just his friends and family. In feburary 2021, Zac landed the first executive 1-on-1 interview with Jared Isaacman, the commander of Inspiration4, the first all-civilian mission to orbit.

Since then The Launch Pad has received official media recognition from SpaceX and NASA, and has become a trusted source for information on everything space.

In Winter/Spring 2022, as more opportunities started to present themselves, and projects starting to backup, Zac grew the TLP Crew from himself to a small team.

Kieran Potter

Chief Operating Officer

Kieran discovered TLP in early 2021, joining the TLP crew a few months later as a moderator.

Kieran and Zac start working together on TLP’s mission, planning future streams and projects; while keeping the TLP streams a welcoming and friendly place for everyone.

Through Summer 2021, Kieran joined Zac on a couple of live streams as a Crane Specialist (his day job) to answer questions about SpaceX using some of the largest mobile cranes in the world when stacking the Starship Launch Tower in Starbase.

In Summer 2022, after showing that he was here to stay not only in TLP, but as best mate and was willing to take on a larger role; Zac invited Kieran to Florida for a Starlink launch and Artemis 1 and to discuss the future of TLP; which lead to Kieran being offered the role of Host and UK Correspondent.

Since then Kieran has been busy setting up TLP Studio UK, helping beta test the new TLP platform, and preparing to host his first live launch coverage.


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