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Launch Date:
Net 2024

Join our First mission to the moon today!

Mission Moon

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About the mission

LunEx-1 is the first mission to the moon as part of TLPs LunEx (Lunar Exploration) program. This mission will be launched aboard a future Astrobotic spacecraft.

As part of LunEx-1, TLP is offering the opportunity for people from all around the world to participate in the mission. Individuals can submit their names to be carried on board the spacecraft, and also have the option to include photos and videos.

The names of participants will be carried on an SD card aboard the spacecraft, serving as a symbol of human ingenuity and determination to explore beyond Earth. Additionally, those who opt for photos and videos will have their memories captured forever in space.

For a small fee of $5, participants can include a photo of their choice, and for $15, they can include a video message to be forever preserved on the lunar surface.

LunEx-1 is more than just a mission to the moon; it represents the potential of human exploration and discovery. It is a step towards a new era of space exploration, and TLP is proud to invite people from around the world to participate in this historic program.

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