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Redwire Hires Veteran Aerospace Executive as Senior VP

Redwire has appointed veteran aerospace executive G. Allen Flynt as their Senior Vice President of Space Platforms and Robotics.

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Zac Aubert

Zac Aubert

Mon Jul 31 2023Written by Zac Aubert

Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW), a leading player in space infrastructure for the next-generation space economy, made a significant announcement today, appointing veteran aerospace executive G. Allen Flynt as their Senior Vice President of Space Platforms and Robotics.

The appointment is expected to leverage Flynt's extensive 35 years of industry experience to drive the development of new and innovative solutions to support the rapidly growing space industry. In his new role, Flynt will oversee Redwire's expanding portfolio of critical technologies designed to enable human spaceflight missions, space platforms, and space robotics.

“Allen is a proven leader with a wealth of industry experience and customer insight that will make an immediate impact on our growth strategy as Redwire continues to deliver the critical capabilities enabling humans to explore, live, and work in space...under Allen’s leadership, we are confident that Redwire’s next-gen technologies will support the growing needs of our government and commercial customers.” - Peter Cannito, Redwire Chairman and CEO

Prior to joining Redwire, G. Allen Flynt held an impressive tenure at Collins Aerospace, where he successfully led the Civil Space and Sea Systems business for a decade. Under his leadership, the segment's revenue nearly doubled, growing from $250 million to $500 million. At Collins, Flynt managed an extensive human spaceflight mission portfolio, which included providing critical life support, air revitalization, power generation, power management, distribution, and thermal control systems for significant government and commercial programs. Notable projects in his portfolio included the International Space Station (ISS), NASA's Orion spacecraft, and Boeing's Starliner spacecraft.

Before his time at Collins Aerospace, Flynt had a distinguished 21-year career at NASA, holding various senior positions, including Director of the EVA (extravehicular activity) Office, Deputy Center Director at Ames Research Center, and Director of Mission Operations at Johnson Space Center. His experience at NASA provided him with invaluable insights into the inner workings of the space industry and contributed to his reputation as a seasoned and accomplished aerospace executive.

Flynt's academic background also adds to his qualifications. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University, providing him with a solid foundation for managing complex projects and technological advancements in the space sector.

The hiring of G. Allen Flynt follows Redwire Corporation's recent announcement about their plans to construct a state-of-the-art Microgravity Payload Development and Space Operations facility in Floyd County, Indiana. This facility will further enhance Redwire's capabilities and contribute to cutting-edge research and development for the International Space Station (ISS).

The company anticipates increased demand for their innovative capabilities, especially as commercial utilization of space continues to grow.

Overall, with G. Allen Flynt at the helm as Senior Vice President of Space Platforms and Robotics, Redwire Corporation is poised to strengthen its position in the space industry, provide critical technologies to support future space missions, and contribute to the advancement of human space exploration and utilization.