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Impulse Space Announces Orbital Transfer Vehicle Mission

Impulse Space is set to fly its first orbital transfer vehicle on SpaceX's upcoming Transporter-9 rideshare mission.

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Zac Aubert

Zac Aubert

Fri Jan 06 2023Written by Zac Aubert

Impulse Space is preparing for their first orbital mission of Mira, a orbital transfer vehicle. .

The LEO Express-1 mission will launch on SpaceX's Transporter 9 mission which is currently schedule for launch in Q4 2023. LEO Express-1 will carry the first Mira vehicle to space with a primary payload for an undisclosed customer with room still available to accommodate addition payloads like cube sats.

Impulse Space teams are still finalizing the mission profile but following the primary payload deployment they plan to raise and lower Mira's orbit to demonstrate what it can do, taking it all the way own to around 300km, a very low Earth orbit.

“Our team is thrilled to announce LEO Express-1 as our first mission and the implications it brings to affordable space access...Currently, smallsat operators with custom orbit requirements need to pay a premium or compromise their spacecraft designs to include additional on-board propulsion capability. Impulse’s LEO Express missions will provide the industry with a reliable, rapid and consistent service for precisely delivering payloads to custom orbits in low earth orbit.”

Tom Mueller, Founder and CEO of Impulse Space

Impulse Space has additional mission planed for 2024 on future SpaceX Transporter mission but also on other vehicles like Relativity's Space Terran.

Mirra is the first in a series of vehicles Impusle Space is developig with future vehicles being able to place payload into geostationay transfer orbits and direct insertion into geostationary.

“We have pickups, we have larger vans, and then we have 18-wheelers to be able to do logistics on Earth. Space is going to be no different.”

Barry Matsumori, Chief Operating Officer of Impulse Space