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Armada Raises Over $55M For Portable Starlink Connected Data Centers

Armada, a one-year-old data networking startup has raised more than $55 million in funding, to propel the development of its cutting-edge computing tools; designed to empower remote devices connected to Starlink, SpaceX's low Earth orbit broadband constellation. 

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Zac Aubert

Zac Aubert

Tue Dec 12 2023Written by Zac Aubert

Armada, a one-year-old data networking startup has raised more than $55 million in funding, to propel the development of its cutting-edge computing tools; designed to empower remote devices connected to Starlink, SpaceX's low Earth orbit broadband constellation. 

Armada's flagship product, the portable Galleon data center, will bring real-time data processing capabilities to remote locations such as oil rigs and battlefields.

These portable data centers, will be roughly the size of a shipping containers, at around nine meters in length, standing in stark contrast to traditional multi-purpose data centers housed in large buildings.

Armada envisions leveraging the capabilities of SpaceX's satellites for global connectivity, utilizing an operating system that allows customers to efficiently manage multiple Starlink deployments across their business.

The Galleon data centers are set to provide off-the-grid sites with access to the same level of data processing usually confined to areas with terrestrial connectivity. This includes advanced technologies like generative artificial intelligence platforms, such as ChatGPT.

“There is an impossibly large volume of data created at the edge, and regrettably, virtually nothing is done with it" - Jon Runyan, Armada Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Leading Armada's latest funding round is Founders Fund, an early investor in SpaceX. Other notable participants include Lux Capital, Shield Capital, and 8090 Industries.

Armada has not officially disclosed whether it is entering into a partnership with SpaceX, and the aerospace company has remained tight-lipped about the venture.

Key details, such as the timeline for launching commercial operations, remain undisclosed, leaving industry observers curious about the startup's progress. A majority of the company's 60 employees are based in Bellevue, Washington, in close proximity to where SpaceX builds its Starlink satellites.

The Armada Commander Platform

The Commander Platform is a central component of Armada's ecosystem, functioning as the primary portal for overseeing and managing all edge operations. It enables both central and field operations teams to acquire and regulate Starlink terminals, handle Galleon datacenters, integrate IoT devices, and utilize the Armada marketplace for advanced AI applications. This platform serves as the foundation for creating customized end-to-end edge solutions.

The Armada Connect

Armada Connect functions as the exclusive operating system for Starlink and forthcoming IoT devices. It empowers businesses with extensive control over their Starlink deployments, providing enterprise-grade features for observability, management, and billing. The system is reinforced by the Commander AI Assistant, delivering real-time alerts, diagnostics, and troubleshooting support for seamless operations. Additionally, users can access the Armada Marketplace, offering certified connectivity and IoT assets to augment the overall capabilities of Armada Connect.

Armada Edge

Armada Edge serves as the Global Command Center for Galleons, which are ruggedized, mobile, and modular data centers. These Galleons offer substantial compute and storage capacity, along with robust connectivity. Specifically designed for edge computing, they support various data-processing and AI applications, featuring customized components like GPUs, FPGAs, and multicore CPUs. Galleons seamlessly connect with local networks and on-site assets, ensuring internet connectivity through various infrastructures such as Starlink, fiber, 5G, or other networks. These self-contained units enable quick deployment on a global scale.

Armada EdgeAI

Armada EdgeAI is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of generative AI, multimodal AI, and real-time machine learning capabilities. This platform is designed for creating industry-specific applications that can be accessed in the cloud and optimized for deployment on dedicated edge hardware. The hardware options include Galleons or on-premises infrastructure. The EdgeAI capabilities cater to a broad range of industrial applications, including real-time visual inspection, assistive agents, predictive maintenance, robotics, autonomous vehicle operations, and emissions monitoring.

Armada is actively progressing by obtaining certifications and establishing partnerships to achieve its goal of extending AI and remote connectivity globally.

The company has created a marketplace to facilitate the development and distribution of innovative applications by its partners. Additionally, Armada has achieved SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance, demonstrating a commitment to robust security practices.

At the helm of Armada is co-founder Dan Wright, who assumed the role of CEO after resigning from DataRobot last year. Wright's departure from DataRobot came amid a series of layoffs at the artificial intelligence software provider. 

Armada's fundraising efforts garnered support from a range of early-stage investors, including Felicis, Contrary, Valor Equity Partners, Marlinspike, 137 Ventures, Koch Real Estate Investments, and 8VC. The funding round also included contributions from undisclosed strategic investors

As Armada takes its place in the emerging landscape of remote data processing, the industry eagerly awaits a demonstration of its cutting edge remote technology products.