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Agile Space To Develop Propulsion System for True Anomaly's Jackal for USSF Mission

Agile Space Industries has been chosen to develop the propulsion system for True Anomaly's Jackal vehicle.

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Zac Aubert

Zac Aubert

Sat Apr 27 2024Written by Zac Aubert

Agile Space Industries has been chosen to develop the propulsion system for True Anomaly's Jackal vehicle.

The Jackal, recently designated for the U.S. Space Force's 2025 "tactically responsive space" mission known as Victus Haze, is poised to revolutionize in-orbit operations with its advanced capabilities.

Agile Space, headquartered in Durango, Colorado, will spearhead the development of critical propulsion components including main engines, attitude control thrusters, and propellant tanks for True Anomaly's spacecraft under the terms of the agreement.

True Anomaly, a startup based in Centennial, Colorado, conceptualized the Jackal specifically for military applications. Despite recent staffing adjustments amounting to a 25% reduction in its workforce, True Anomaly remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering on existing contracts, ensuring the seamless execution of its projects.

A strategic partnership between Agile Space and True Anomaly has been forged, marked by a mutual investment in a pioneering chemical propulsion system.

While specifics regarding the propellants remain undisclosed, the collaborative effort's are based in leveraging advanced additive manufacturing and vertically integrated propulsion test capabilities to bring cutting-edge hardware to market.

"The military wants to perform dynamic operations which require a sophisticated propulsion system that provides high acceleration, high thrust, finesse and efficiency," - Chris Pearson, CEO of Agile Space

"Agile's hardware gives Jackal propulsive capability that has simply not been seen before in a spacecraft of this size," Even Rogers, True Anomaly's CEO and co-founder,

The Victus Haze mission mandates advanced maneuvering capabilities for spacecraft tasked with rendezvous, proximity operations, and in-orbit maneuvers, necessitating a propulsion system capable of both high acceleration and precise, low acceleration maneuvers.

Agile Space has confirmed they will meet the complexity of these mission requirements, underscoring the challenge of developing a system that can deliver both high thrust and finesse seamlessly.

In addition to supplying propulsion components, Agile Space will also provide logistical support, including spacecraft fuel-loading and handling, further solidifying its role as a key partner in True Anomaly's mission success.