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Goonhilly Announces US Sat Comm Network Expansion

Goonhilly Earth Station continues its global expansion with the acquisition of two teleports in the United States.

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Zac Aubert

Zac Aubert

Wed Mar 15 2023Written by Zac Aubert

Goonhilly Earth Station continues its global expansion with the acquisition of two COMSAT teleports in the United States.

The acquisition will enable customers on both sides of the Atlantic to now have access to the expertise for which Goonhilly and COMSAT are recgonised.

For more than six decades, Goonhilly has served as the primary gateway to space for the United Kingdom, playing a critical role in disseminating footage of the Apollo Moon landings to households around the world. In 2014 Goonhilly was purchases privately, and most recently was globally recognized for its involvement in NASA's Artemis mission. Since 2021, Goonhilly has been delivering commercial lunar and deep space communications services to clients such as ESA, NASA, and iSpace Inc. from its UK-based site.

The Goonhilly purchase will move the company one step closer to providing a fully global, 24/7 space and satellite communications network service.

The company aims to broaden this unique service globally by constructing additional international deep-space antennas that will enhance the duration of visibility for clients' spacecraft as the Earth rotates. The acquisition of COMSAT occurs as Goonhilly is already in the process of expanding its services into Australia with confirmed plans to establish a ground station in Western Australia to support of the 'UK-Australia Space Bridge.'

“This is very exciting news for us, both at Goonhilly and the COMSAT teleports. All three locations are world-renowned for excellent customer service, providing space and satellite communications to government and industry. Together we are energised to significantly accelerate our growth and reach. This includes both commercial satellite communications and deep space/lunar communications, where Goonhilly is the leading commercial operator.” - Ian Jones, Goonhilly CEO

Goonhilly UK is the ideal group to take the teleports to the next level of capabilities as it continues to invest in the infrastructure upgrades that SD has made. The deal allows us to continue innovating our SD hardware, software and connectivity services and Goonhilly to focus on the core business of optimising teleport operations. The augmented infrastructure will strengthen our global mobility network for SD business, government, and military customers, which rely on us for consistent connectivity around the world.” - Chris Moore, SATCOM Direct President

Goonhilly Earth Station, UK

COMSAT Southbury, Connecticut, USA

COMSAT Santa Paula, California, USA