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Spaceport Cornwall Opens A New Satellite Center

New satellite center opens at Spaceport Cornwell.

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Sun Apr 30 2023Written by Darkfire

Spaceport Cornwall has opened a new business centre called the Space Systems Operations Facility (SSOF). The SSOF will focus on the research, development, and launching of satellites. 

This is great news for Spaceport Cornwall, which the failed launch attempt by Virgin Orbit has overshadowed. Matt Archer, the Missions and Capabilities Director from the UK Space Agency (UKSA), said: "Virgin Orbit’s satellite mission in January was not the outcome that we wanted, but it proves that Spaceport Cornwell has the capability, the resilience, and the ability to position themselves as a long-term spaceport". 

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Back in January, the UK's first-ever orbital launch attempt took place from Spaceport Cornwall, and all hopes were on Virgin Orbit's "Launcher One" rocket to make history happen. During the launch, a fuel filter dislodged, starving the engines of fuel and preventing the rocket from getting into orbit. With the loss of the rocket, Virgin Orbit soon shut down all operations and filed for bankruptcy.

Louis Gardner Cornwall’s councillor for Newquay said: "When we set out on this journey eight years ago, it was all about creating a cluster of space-related businesses here in Cornwall and creating a new part of the Cornish economy." And this building is a symbol that we have done just that. "It is not just about launch; it's about everything that we can bring to the party, all related to space."