X-37B on the runway following 6th mission - credit: Boeing

Boeing X-37B Spaceplane Returns To The Space Coast

The X-37B spaceplane is rumoured to have touched down this morning on the Space Coast following weeks of lowering its orbit.

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Jay Keegan

Jay Keegan

Sat Nov 12 2022Written by Jay Keegan

This is very much a developing story and early information may not be accurate

This morning, reports of sonic booms were heard across the Space Coast raising suspicion of whether the highly classified X-37B spaceplane had returned to Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The spaceplane launched aboard ULA's Atlas V 501 rocket in May 2020 and had been orbiting since.

The spaceplane orbited Earth on a top-secret missions for the United States Space Force for approximately 908 days and has been lowering its orbit for a number of weeks. With the orbit lowering, a return to Earth was expected to be imminent.

However, the X-37B usually touches down at Vandenberg Air Force Base or Edwards Air Force Base.

What Is The X-37B?

Very little is known about the X-37B spaceplane's operations. It was developed by Boeing and is used by the US Space Force for classified missions.

Despite looking similar in some regards to the Space Shuttle, the X-37B is completely different. Where the Shuttle was used for primarily ISS and science operations, the X-37B is unmanned and autonomous with much of its operations being highly classified.

UPDATE 16:20 UTC - In a press release, Boeing has confirmed the successful landing of the X-37B spaceplane on the pace Coat after 908 days in orbit.