RS1 on the launch pad preparing for launch

LIVE COVERAGE: ABL Space Systems RS1 Maiden Flight

ABL are targeting Monday, November 21st for the long awaited maiden flight of the companies RS1 rocket from Kodiak, Alaska. The TLP team will be providing live coverage here as engineers proceed through the launch countdown.

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Jay Keegan

Jay Keegan

Mon Nov 21 2022Written by Jay Keegan

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December 7 - Attempt #3

November 21 - Attempt #2

22:43 UTC - SCRUB for the day, next attempt November 7th. RS1 called an abort at ignition, the vehicle remains healthy.

22:21 UTC - New T-0 of 22:32:30 UTC (17:32:30 EST)

20:28 UTC - "The ABL team has polled GO for propellant fill. We are targeting a T0 of 13:24 AKST (22:24 UTC). Weather is tracking at a 40% POV due to triggered lightning."

November 17 - Attempt #1

23:03 UTC - RS1 declared an abort at ignition. ABL are standing down from todays attempt and a new T-0 will be announced when the team has reviewed the data.

"RS1 aborted terminal count during ignition. The vehicle is healthy, and the team is setting up to offload propellant for today. More information to come on our next opportunity."

22:55 UTC - No updates yet from ABL, if they are on track launch should have occurred.

9:17 PM UTC - GO for propellant load. Teams now targeting 10:55 UTC.