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OneWeb Secures $50M Canadian Communications Capacity Deal

OneWeb, a British communications enterprise, partners with Galaxy Broadband Communications, an Ontario-based satellite service company, in a $50 million, multi-year deal to bring OneWeb connectivity solutions to Canada.

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Sat Feb 11 2023Written by Lucca

On February 1st, OneWeb and Galaxy Broadband Communications, an Ontario-based satellite service enterprise, revealed a US$50 million, multi-year contract to deliver OneWeb’s low Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity solutions across Canada, including the northern territory of Nunavut. The agreement allows Galaxy to support the digital transformation of businesses, communities, and civil and military government users, giving high-speed access to digital information, productivity tools, and more.

The agreement allows Galaxy to develop into the northern territory of Nunavut a sparsely populated region in the Canadian north about three times the size of Texas where it intends to connect 25 communities before the end of this year.

Galaxy became one of OneWeb’s first distribution associates in September 2021 and has already deployed the British enterprise’s services to more than 75 sites across Canada. Using OneWeb’s LEO satellite network, Galaxy is to offer connectivity services specifically for the most isolated areas of Canada, including mine sites and remote communities in the northern region. The operator’s coverage is currently limited to the upper reaches of Canada while it waits to deploy the 46 satellites it needs to provide global service.

OneWeb’s CEO, Neil Masterson, stated: “We are thrilled to be expanding our work with Galaxy, delivering on our mission to provide high-speed, low-latency service to more rural and remote areas where connectivity is long overdue. With decades of experience successfully connecting Canadians, Galaxy is one of OneWeb’s first partners, and we are proud of the service we have been able to deliver together across Canada (...).”

Who Is OneWeb

OneWeb is a global communications company that aims to bring high-speed, low-latency internet connectivity to people all over the world, especially those in rural and remote areas. The company's main goal is to create a seamless global network of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites that will provide internet access to people everywhere, making the world a more connected place. OneWeb's vision is to provide affordable and accessible internet to people who live in areas that are traditionally underserved by traditional terrestrial internet infrastructure, allowing for equal access to information and opportunities. As of January 2023, OneWeb has 547 satellites in orbit.