Launch Overview

Liftoff Time
November 21, 1992 - 13:45 GMT (13:45 UTC)

Complex Overview

Launch Facility
Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA
Launch Pad
Space Launch Complex 5
Turnaround Time
5 months

What Is Scout G-1?

The Scout family of rockets were were American launch vehicles designed to place small satellites into orbit around the Earth. The Scout multistage rocket was the first orbital launch vehicle to be entirely composed of solid fuel stages.


Algol 3A

Castor 2

Antares 3A(X-259A)

Star 20

Mission Overviw

MSTI 1 (Miniature Sensor Technology Integration 1) had a four day mission to photograph infrared images of islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Mission Type
Earth Science

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