KH-8 41

Launch Overview

Liftoff Time
February 13, 1974 - 18:00 GMT (18:00 UTC)

Complex Overview

Launch Facility
Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA
Launch Pad
Space Launch Complex 4W
Turnaround Time
5 months

What Is Titan 24B?

Titan IIIB was the collective name for a number of derivatives of the Titan II ICBM and Titan III launch vehicle, modified by the addition of an Agena upper stage. It consisted of four separate rockets. The Titan 23B was a basic Titan II with an Agena upper stage, and the Titan 24B was the same concept, but using the slightly enlarged Titan IIIM rocket as the base. The Titan 33B was a Titan 23B with the Agena (which had a smaller diameter than the Titan) enclosed in an enlarged fairing, in order to allow larger payloads to be launched. The final member of the Titan IIIB family was the Titan 34B which was a Titan 24B with the larger fairing used on the Titan 33B.

Mission Overviw

KH-8 Block 3 high resolution reconnaissance satellite.

Mission Type
Government/Top Secret

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