Flight Four

Launch Overview

Liftoff Time
March 2024 (00:00 UTC)

Complex Overview

Launch Facility
Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA
Launch Pad
Space Launch Complex 2W
Turnaround Time
3 months

Who is Firefly Aerospace?

Firefly Aerospace is an American private aerospace firm based in Austin, Texas, that develops small and medium-sized launch vehicles for commercial launches to orbit.

What Is Firefly Alpha?

Firefly Alpha (Firefly α) is a two-stage orbital expendable launch vehicle developed by the American aerospace company Firefly Aerospace to cover the commercial small satellite launch market. Alpha is intended to provide launch options for both full-vehicle and ride-share customers.


Reaver 1

The Reaver 1 engines are used on Firefly Alpha rockets that provides launch options for both full vehicle and rideshare customers

Lightning 1

The Lightning 1 was designed for the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle.

Mission Overviw

Fourth flight of the Firefly Alpha small sat launcher, carrying a payload for the US Department of Defense.

Mission Type
Government/Top Secret

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