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General Information

When did you discover the launch pad?
Are you a tlp member if so which level?
Which of the following content have you seen?

contact Information

All tlp crew conversations are through discord so please create a discord account and join the TLP server

What is your Availability like?

what days/time are you normally Available?

All times listed are in GMT-5(Eastern Standard Time). Rocket launches take place at all ours of the day and night.

We can understand shedules change but this will give us a starting point on ensuring we have coverage around the clock.

I'm FlexibleEarly MorningMorningAfternoonEveningNightLate NightNot Available

How are you intrested in joining the tlp crew?

Tlp news

As a journalist for TLP, you will be responsible for researching and reporting on space-related news and events, and creating engaging content for the website and mobile app.

Tlp data

As a researcher for TLP, you will be responsible for maintaining the website's database of rockets, engines, astronauts, and other space-related data & information.

Tlp ops

As a Rocket Chaser for TLP, you will be responsible for capturing high-quality photos and/or videos of space-related events, primarily launches, to provide visually engaging content for the website/app and social media platforms.

As a moderator for TLP's Discord and YouTube channels, you will be responsible for ensuring a positive and respectful community by monitoring and responding to user comments, enforcing community rules, and facilitating engaging discussions related to spaceflight.

Tlp Marketing

As a member of TLP's social media team, you will be responsible for keeping the community informed, promoting TLP's brand, and inspiring the explorers of tomorrow through engaging and informative social media content, with a focus on space-related news, events, and educational content.

As a member of TLP's product design team, you will be responsible for designing new products for the TLP shop in response to the latest developments and trends in the industry, while also ensuring that they align with TLP's brand and appeal to our target audience.

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As a part of tlp crew, you may understand that will be expected to work at highest level of professionalism. (never intoxicated or under the influince of drug or alcohol)
As a part of the tlp crew, You may have oppertunities to visit heigh security or restricted locations that may require passing government background checks. What nation are you a citizen of and will you be able to do so?
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